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We all know these teachers. Teachers who work hard, do awesome things, but aren't really putting themselves "out there" like others. These teachers love their jobs, they love to push themselves, and they love seeing their students succeed, but no one knows about them.  We'd like to change that.  Every few months, OnEducation is going to interview an amazing teacher. Someone who will inspire you, motivate you, and get you thinking.

Please nominate an OnEducation Teacher below. We will randomly select a name and approach them.


Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch is a wizard. Supremely talented, Joe uses technology to captive students in his Visual Arts and Drama class at Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. In addition to being an amazing art teacher, Joe is a leader and invaluable contributor to his school community. We couldn't think of anyone better to name an "OnEducation Teacher" than Joe.

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