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Recently named one of the top 30 influencers in educational technology, OnEducation is, bar none, the best opportunity for your EdTech company to get their message out. While already one of the most downloaded podcasts in education, OnEducation’s listener base continues to grow:

  • The United States is our #1 country. Approximately 70% of our downloads. The remaining 30% is divided between Canada, at about 5% and then the rest of the world. While our US audience continues to grow, our Canadian audience is growing at an incredible pace.

  • Our running average increase of downloads per episode is about 2%

We can custom-tailor a campaign to suit your needs. We actively seek out win-win relationships where sponsors feel more like partners than customers. We also only sponsor groups or companies we believe can make a difference in education. We WILL NOT take your money if you aren’t bringing it.

We deliver THREE distinct content items through the same podcast feed:

  • OnEducation: The flagship podcast. 1 hour in length featuring interviews with some of the best educators in the world. We tackle timely issues and take deep dives into what is important to talk about in the world of education.

  • OnEducation Presents: 20-40 minutes in length. Anything that doesn't seem like it fits as a normal episode is an episode of OnEducation becomes an episode of OnEducation Presents. This is the home of amazing content such as:

    • Dig It or Ditch It w/ Noah Geisel

    • Special extended interviews

    • Audio recordings of speeches or sessions presented by Mike or Glen

    • Listener submissions

  • OnEducation Now!: 3-10 minutes in length. OnEducation Now! gives you a quick hit of information on what's going on right now in Education. We'll tell you everything you need to know about an important issue happening NOW. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, email oneducation@oneducationpodcast.com to find out more.

Presenting Sponsor



The presenting sponsor for OnEducation is Classcraft. We are excited to announce Classcraft’s new Story Mode which makes it easy for educators to harness the power of stories. But that's not all...Have you ever wanted to see yourself as a character in a story? Now teachers and students can create their custom game avatar and see them come to life on an augmented reality poster To learn more about Classcraft’s story mode and new AR experience simply visit classcraft.com/oneducation

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