Mike Washburn


Mike Washburn is inspiring students to believe they are capable of doing the impossible.

In his role as Head of Computer Studies and Technology
Integration Specialist at Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School he has created a custom-made curriculum using elements of game design and game based learning to captivate and engage his students. Mike has been recognized for his ground breaking approach to Computer Science education with requests to speak at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference (2015, 2018) and
interviews in major newspapers (Toronto Star, 2017). His Grade 8 curriculum, which asks students to spend the entire school year designing their own video games, from proposal to pitch, graphics to BETA and release, has seen him recognized as a thought-leader in Computer Science education. Mike is a Schoology Ambassador, a Google Certified Educator, an Apple Teacher and a member of the Prezi Educators Society. He has an unshakable resolve to change the world through technology education. You can follow Mike on Twitter @misterwashburn

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