Introducing #ChatOnEducation!


OnEducation was always about wanting to have a conversation.

While it has taken a little longer than we expected to find the right way to do it (and, if we were honest, the critical mass of listener-ship to do it right) we’re ready to jump-start the conversation. We don’t always say things people agree with, and we don’t all share the same opinion. We think that’s what makes conversation great. We want to be exposed to other experiences and styles. We want to learn from each other.

#ChatOnEducation will focus in on the topic of the week. It will be generally related to the week’s episode of the podcast. While listening to the pod is not required, it may help form context for the questions. We will actively encourage our guest that week to be a participant and help guide the discussion.

#ChatOnEducation will be a slow chat. We LOVE these. Everyone is busy, and people miss chats all the time. A slow chat lets you join when you can, participate when you have time, and follow along throughout the day. We will post three questions: at 9am, 12pm and 3pm but you can answer any of them at anytime.

We hope you join us for #ChatOnEducation. We think its going to be rad. #stayawesome.

Mike WashburnComment