OnEducation in 2019

We have plans for 2019, but first, a little reflection. 2018 has been insane.

Its really a little strange when I remind myself that we haven’t even been doing this podcast for a year yet. It was right around this time last year that I sent Glen a message, on Schoology (of course) and told him I’ve always wanted to do a podcast, and I had a sense he might be the person to do it with me. Glen and I didn’t really know each other. Our primary interactions up until this point were via Schoology things. First Schoology NEXT 2017 in Chicago, where I tried to keep up with his Twitter-fu and failed dramatically, and then when I applied to the Schoology Ambassador program and he vouched for me in my application. That’s it. So this was a bit of a shot in the dark. Who knew…

Since March 2018 so much has changed. Glen is keynoting local and regional conferences sharing everything from language learning to podcasting. I am a spotlight speaker at Canada’s largest EdTech conference this coming spring. We’ve met some absolutely incredible people, created some new friendships, and made connections that have turned into awesome relationships to make the podcast grow. The growth of the podcast is unreal, even from a pure numbers perspective. Our bad days now were amazing days a few months ago. For example: we’ve already DESTROYED our downloads for November in December and there is still almost two weeks to go. It’s that kind of stuff that makes me think that the best is definitely still to come for us.

A few words of thanks:

First, Glen - you’re awesome. Glen is incredibly smart, and the more people get to know him, and his talents, the better the world of education will be. Honestly. If the only outcome of this podcast in the end is that it increases Glen’s profile so people get to interact with him more, that’ll be mission accomplished in my books. Thanks for jumping in.

We couldn’t have done much of what we did without our sponsors: Schoology, TeacherGaming, PR with Panache and now Classcraft (also, believe it or not, we’ve actually gotten some of that sweet Audible money too) Schoology (Ivan specifically) jumped in to support us before we had recorded a single word. Not only did they jump in, they pre-paid for a YEAR. We wouldn’t have microphones, laptops, or have went to ISTE and Schoology NEXT without them. I can’t understate how much of a difference they made in getting us off the ground. I don’t think I thought about the podcast being something that had money considerations when I started, but the income has really helped us do some amazing things and we can’t wait for 2019.

Speaking of 2019 then…

There’s really three goals for 2019 for the podcast in my mind. We are still growing so they all really have to do with content and outreach. We’ll share them and give a little detail. Keep in mind, some of these are just idea’s right now, we’ve talked about them, but we haven’t got a timeline or in some cases a working plan for how it will go down.

  1. Video

    We’d like to do the show live on YouTube at the same time as we are recording it. This doesn’t SOUND difficult, we know that some folks / groups are already doing a Google Hangouts thing and then taking the audio and pushing it to a podcast feed. We don’t want to do that. The hard thing about doing this well, is that…its hard. That means that we want to take our time to figure out the best model for doing this in the spaces we have. Remember, Glen is recording the podcast sitting under his desk right now. You may have noticed that mid-release we are taking snippits of the pod and pushing them on social. We’re going to keep doing that, its great, and definitely part of the whole video component. What we don’t want is for video to cannibalize the podcast, so we are going to take our time, be intentional, and come out with something polished (or at least polish-able haha).

  2. The Blog

    This has already come up on the podcast so is absolutely top of mind and likely the first priority in terms of things you will see new right away. Every episode is going to have a blog post. When we share the show on social, its going to link to the blog post. You’ll be able to listen to the podcast right from the webpage if you want, or if you’ve subscribed, you now have some additional thoughts related to what you are listening to. I enjoy this model for publishing the podcast in the other places its utilized (ReCode is likely the model for this) This is going to start right away in 2019 with our first episode in January. We’re also super keen on having “smart people talk about smart things” on our blog. If you want to write something that raises the bar, we’ll give you a platform to do it, and have you come on the pod and talk about it after. That being said, we aren’t messing with this idea, or lowering the standards. We want crazy smart guest blogs. If people have to look things up after reading your post, that’s mission accomplished. Paul Darvasi and Damon Torgerson set the bar, we need you to clear it. If you want to do that, slide into our DM’s.

  3. Conferences

    Our two best download periods, bar far, have been at ISTE, and TIES. Not only do we get HUGE amounts of content that help us fill time and space, but the content we get is generally amazing. Conferences are an amazing opportunity to be face to face with great educators doing great work and talking about that. We want to keep doing that and more. In 2018 we went to ISTE, Schoology NEXT and TIES. In 2019 we have FETC confirmed, and we plan to go to Schoology NEXT and TIES again. ALSO - we just announced that we are doing a LIVE show at ISTE 2019 with Mike Matera and Don Wettrick. So that’s four conferences that both of us will be at, together, in 2019, hopefully. This is where sponsors play a big role. Our participation largely depends on them.

Before we go..

Your support means everything to us. And we can’t really get over how amazing you folks are on social media, sharing out the episodes and telling people about the show. We can really use your support in a few ways:

  1. Use our sponsors products and tell them we sent you. We wouldn’t be telling you about our sponsors if we didn’t believe in them. We are super fortunate that we don’t have to hustle underwear or meal order kits to do this. The only way that continues is if you head to one of our sponsors and work with them. We know you’ll love them, so give that a go.

  2. Share Share Share. Obviously you guys are doing this already so keep it up! We are on Facebook AND Instagram too, get after us there as well and keep spreading the love.

  3. SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON. Obviously podcasts don’t have a like button, I just love saying that. What we really love is the 60+ 5-star reviews we have in the Apple podcast store. Those HELP A TON, so if you haven’t done a review in your podcast app of choice, please consider doing that today.

That’s it. Thank you all for an amazing 2018. Stay awesome.

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