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There's a lot going on. Technology, grading, policy, planning, DeVos, grading, iPads, conferences, grading, Trump, classroom management, grading, curriculum, special needs, and did we say grading? - we get it. OnEducation is here to help. We have honest conversations about teachers, teaching, and everything in between. It's time we talked, and we're hoping you will join the conversation.

Meet Mike and Glen. We're educators. We've been everywhere you've been. Mike is Canadian, Glen is American. We cover all the bases. This isn't your normal teacher conversation, this is the staff room (the good ones). We are real, honest (sometimes brutally) and we are hoping, informative. Join us as we talk to world-class educators, take questions, and tell you what's new.

This is OnEducation. We're glad you're here. Let's roll.


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Mike Washburn

Mike is the Head of Curriculum & Training for Logics Academy in Canada. In his prior role as a Computer Science teacher, he created a custom-made curriculum, using elements of game design and game-based learning, to captivate and engage his students. Read More…

Glen Irvin

Glen Irvin has been an educator for 20 years, he currently works as a technology integrationist and instructional coach in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Glen was previously a Spanish teacher. Read More…

Featured Episodes

OnEducation Presents: Classcraft's Shawn & Devin Young at #ISTE19

At ISTE 2019 Classcraft announced some BIG changes! In this episode, Shawn and Devin Young spoke to Mike and Glen about the new look, about their amazing booth experience at ISTE, and about the new Story Mode announced at the conference!

#esportsEDU | Chris Haskell

In this episode, Mike and Glen discuss discuss what is going with education in Ontario and the student walkouts and teacher protests that have happened over the last week.  They will debate if there is a better way for companies to spend money than giving away swag. Our amazing guest this week is Dr. Chris Haskell from Boise State University.

Let's Bring The Weird | Noah Geisel

In this episode, Mike and Glen discuss the Apple Special Event held last week and the looming teacher walkouts in Oregon, North Carolina & Kentucky. We’ll talk about why instructional coaches work well in some districts while failing miserably in others. Our guest this week is friend of the podcast, expert in many educational areas, and all around amazing guy Noah Geisel.

The New Childhood | Jordan Shapiro

In this episode, Mike and Glen discuss what high stakes tests are required by each state, how to go from building cities in games to building cities in real life and our guest this week is educator and author of the amazing book “The New Childhood” Jordan Shapiro.

50th Episode, Episode! | Nate Green

In this episode, Mike and Glen discuss playing video games instead of taking the SAT, a university that has offered free tuition to lower-income students, should we include students in teacher professional development and our amazing guest this week is educator and instructional coach Nate Green. On our 50th episode we review the last year of shows and talk about some of our favorite moments.

Creatively Productive | Lisa Johnson

In this episode, Mike and Glen discuss schools that are helping their teachers pay down their student loans, why charter  school graduation rates are so low, should we be giving zeros to students and our guest this week is an amazing educational technologist and author Lisa Johnson.

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